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Diary of a Nerd
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18th-May-2009 07:41 am - Car Wreck
Elijah is sad
Aaron and I were at the corner of Taft and SWPkwy heading towards walmart, right by Taco Casa. We were slowing down at that stoplight, when a car behind us slammed into us, and we slammed into a truck in front of us. The driver of the offending vehicle wasn't paying attention and hadn't slowed down at all. We approximate she was traveling 30-45 mph at the time of impact. Thank goodness Aaron was in the driver's seat, or I'd be in serious trouble right now.

I don't remember the moment of impact exactly. It felt like being hit in a bumper car, all shaken up back and fourth. When I opened my eyes, I could smell and see smoke around the air bag. It felt like it was filling up the car fast. i heard Aaron say "Get Out!" and so I started to open the door, but it didn't move. I tried again, throwing myself against it, and it creaked open. Ran out, Met up with Aaron, determined we were both somewhat okay, and then I saw my car.

My brand new, not even one year old, shiny black car. Like a coke can. No front end. Back end squished into itself. The truck was barely hurt by my car, but the woman behind us was in terrible shape. Aaron's dad went over to make sure she was okay while his mom called 911. I called my mom and grandparents and they came out to see us.

Okay, long story short, the woman was ambulance-d off. Aaron got 2nd degree burns on his thumbs when the airbag blew past it. I got lots of being whipped back and forth, so if I think I'm really sore now, I'll hurt a thousand times worse in the morning. Truck people were fine.

My car is not fine. Maybe the next one will be the blue one I wanted. . .

So yeah. That's what happened. Thank the Lord we are okay. He's got much bigger plans in store for us. It could have all been so much worse with just an ounce of difference in the situation. We'll be just fine. Sore for a while, but fine.

Kiss the ones you love goodnight. Tell them that you love them. Don't go to bed with a grudge against anybody. Live life to the fullest.

Pics on facebook
4th-Aug-2008 12:47 am - Yey!
omg batman
In case you haven't already heard through facebook...

Aaron and I are engaged :)
24th-Jun-2008 11:45 pm(no subject)
rainbow art
Sorry I never update.

New car. Its sexy. All the payments are all mine.

Working at Cheddar's as a server and the Wichita County Heritage Society as a temporary fill in Exec. Assistant.

Last two weeks have been 60ish hours a week. Making thoz car payments.

Wisdom teeth out Friday.

I love Aaron.

Ready for Goin' Band.
22nd-Mar-2008 03:01 pm - I hate apple
shakespeare cast
And yet love them so much.

My Macbook stopped working this week. Like... just would not turn on, at all. So I took it to Mactech to have them fix it, knowing I was going to pay an arm and a leg for it. They called me later that night and said they got it to turn on but they'd fiddle with it a little more to see what was wrong... and I never got a call. I called them the next day to find out that something is wrong with the motherboard and I'd have to send it in to Apple and pay $350 for a flat-rate repair. Yeah. That's an awful lot of money for a college student, but I said whatever. They'd practically refurbish it and send it back. They also said all my files were safe because nothing was wrong with the hard drive, so I was good to go. Well, yesterday, they call me back and say my computer was in (like... a 3 day total thing, not so bad.) but.... they replaced the hard drive. My hard drive with over 2000 pictures, multiple gigs of music, but most importantally, my school work. Like... 10-page-research-paper-projects. Yeah. So I called Apple myself to see if they could locate the hard drive, talked to some guy about it and he said that they just take the hard drives out and throw them in a bin to refurbish them because in the fine print, it says that the customer should have everything backed up. After I cried to him, that poor guy, I went to Mactech with Aaron and picked it up. They were very apologetic and granted, it wasn't their fault, but they still felt bad for not even mentioning that I should back up my files or offering their backup service, so they gave me a $50 discount. So $320 later (tax), I have a brand new macbook in my old case, and now it's loaded with Leopard OS. So, it's almost okay. I've recovered most of the pictures I had through facebook and such, and all the music is on CD. I have a few assignments I've had to submit online, so I'll try to get them from my teachers and whatnot.

Ugh. It was a bad week with my computer.

Anyways, in other news, I'm going to see Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged tonight with Aaron at backdoor. I hope it's awesome, but I'm trying to go into it like I didn't devote 2+months of my life to that play.

Aaron and I are doing well. Just passed the 2-year mark not too long ago. He's driving me back to Lubbock and staying with me in my SNAZZY NEW DORM ROOM! I moved in with Jane, and my room is awesome. School is good. Clarinet is okay. blah blah blah.
13th-Mar-2008 01:13 pm - Sorry i never update
rainbow art
So. Moved in with Jane, my bffe&e. I now live in Horn/Knapp and my new room is literally TWICE the size of my old room. I absolutely love it. Classes are going well and I'm keeping my grades up. Clarinet is getting better, except I don't like my TA. TMEA was awesome, I got to MEET AND TOUCH ERIC WHITACRE (see my facebook picture). I just finished taking Bassoon methods, and I'm about to go to Oboe methods. Lewis wants me to play in the spring concert. I'm going to try to graduate early. I work a lot. It's windy here.

There's the short version.
3rd-Jan-2008 09:27 am - Gator Bowl
rainbow art
So we won, amazingly, and it was amazingly amazing. I was on national TV during halftime during a big closeup of the horn section. I must say that was pretty cool. I haven't seen the clip myself yet, but I've heard from four different people who all saw the game that it was me, so I'm going to go with yes.

I'm famous :D

Not really, but anyways. It was a week long trip cram packed with too much to do, but I had a blast.

Day one, we drove to Dallas and got on a bus. LONGEST BUS RIDE EVAR. I ended up traveling for like 24 hours straight or something. It was pretty rough. We got to Jacksonville the next day and had a few hours to chill before going out to rehearsal. We rehearsed on some high school's field for like three hours. Absolutely none of us had even played anything since our last rehearsal in Lubbock, so it didn't sound too pretty, but it did by the end of rehearsal. That's how the Goin Band does. Haha.

Anyways, the next day (day three?) we rehearsed all stinking day long. It was rough rehearsal too. Lots of run-throughs without breaks in between. We finally had a lunch of "BBQ" sandwiches, which consisted of cold turkey on buns.... ? I don't know. I guess that's how they do bbq in florida. After lunch, we rehearsed again for a while, and once we finally were about to all fall over, we got to go back to the hotel and clean up. From there we went to this neat place called The Jacksonville Landing. It's a big circled in area with shops and restaurants and bars and such, and in the middle is a big open area with live music and a huge christmas tree. We ate at a place called The American Cafe, which had good food, but rude service. From there we wandered around outside and enjoyed being on the water's edge and listening to funk music. I had an absolute blast, too bad we had to leave at like... 10. Those dang busses. Oh well. It took us forever to get back to the hotel because like always, we were lost. By the time we got back, the party was in my hotel room. Somehow we crammed like 15 people onto two beds. It was a lot of fun. We just sat around joking and laughing and taking stupid pictures of how many people we could fit on a bed. By the time we finally could kick everyone out and get to bed, it was already 1.

5:00am came early that next morning. We had to be on the bus by 6 to go to Orlando for Universal Studios. BEST TRIP EVAR. I had so much fun all day long. We had time to get off the bus and ride the Hulk before heading back for the pep rally at the NYC library. That pep rally was hot as blazes, but most of us survived. After that, we went and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and Chris and I taught some band kids the importance of clapping when "Too Much (clap clap) Time On My Hands" came on in the shop. After that, we headed to Islands of Adventure to ride the Spiderman ride, see Grinchmas, ride Dueling Dragons (well, Dragon. Singular.) Then back over to U.S. to ride the Mummy, Twister, MIB, and ET, all of which were stinking AWESOME. By then, it was sadly time to go, so we hurried over to the bus and awaited the four hour trip back to the hotel, even though Orlando is only two hours away. By the time we got back, it was somewhere around 2, so Chris and I headed to Steak and Shake for dinner, then back to the hotel.

Next day-New Year's Eve. Super early morning with a rehearsal, then a police escort to the mall for lunch. From there it was parade and pep rally time. We played at the Landing for all the Tech fans and filled up the whole bottom level with just the band, haha. We had time to clean up at the hotel before heading out to the beach. Now, the beach includes water and sand, but also restaurants and clubs apparently. We had quite the time people watching and interacting with some funny drunk UVA fans. We stood on the beach and drew in the sand. We ate alligator. We watched the ball drop for 2008. We called a cab, and came back to the hotel. At this point, it was like ... 1:30? So of course, we all go over to Steak and Shake again for milkshakes and such. More fun drunks there too, but nice ones. It ended up that two of the servers walked out that night, so we didn't have a waiter for the first 40 minutes, and then another 30 mins just to get a few milkshakes. In the meantime, we had a lot of fun. By the time we got our drinks though, we were all so exhausted we looked and acted just like the drunk people. Keep in mind, most of us got an average of 4-5 hours of sleep a night, not including the fact that we marched and worked all day long.) So, had our milkshakes, or in my case, a root beer float, then stumbled back to the hotel. In bed by 3, up by 7:15 for the GATOR BOWL.

Everyone packed up their stuff and loaded the bus. I slept from parking lot to parking lot. We got off and split the bands to go to separate pep rallies, then came back together for lunch. After that, we sat in a big tunnel under the stadium for a while, then ran out and did pregame. I must say, I was quite the nervous wreck over that one, but I played really well, surprisingly. We crammed up into the stands for the rest of the game, and then came back down for halftime. I must say it didn't go as well as it did in San Antonio, maybe due to the fact none of us were awake. It didn't go too bad though, still marched and played really well. I was on TV too in a close up. As soon as I can get a clip of it I'll post it up. I finally woke up during the second half and screamed my lungs out for the last 5 minutes of the game, which was AMAZING. Oh man, if you didn't watch it, you really missed out. We came back from 14-28 to 28-28 in the last 3 minutes, then in the last 7 seconds, Trileca kicked a field goal! We won 31-28!!!

After all that excitement, we loaded the semi and got back on our busses. From there, we stopped a few times for food and gas, and I got back to Dallas around 3 something, then home around 5 something.

I heart Texas Tech football. I heart Goin Band. And I definitely Heart all the friends I got to hang out with this week making it absolutely amazing.
27th-Dec-2007 10:09 am(no subject)
rainbow art
Hey kids. I'm on my way to Florida.

New Year's Day.
Watch it. At least look for halftime.
22nd-Dec-2007 03:26 am(no subject)
Avada Kedavra
It's 3am and I just got home.
I've been playing Halo 3 for 4 hours and watching RVB for another hour.

It's an addiction.
9th-Dec-2007 10:22 am - lawl.
rainbow art
I like how every entry I've made for the past four months (and then some) has been about band. Obsessed much? I think so. There's just never anything else interesting to update other than I desperately want to come home. Not for good, just for the break, but I'm so lonley here right now. Two days.
6th-Dec-2007 04:43 pm - I HEART COLLEGE
iron man

So we're going to teh GATOR BOWL in Jacksonville, Florida. We're bussing in order to save 100k+, and we'll stay there five days and four nights. The 17 hour bus trip will definately be worth playing at a huge bowl game. CBS is covering it, and it'll be on New Year's Day. I'll be spending New Years Eve in Florida! I'm super excited. We even get like... I don't know how much, but Mr. A said "a couple hundred dollars" in meal money. I am getting PAID to go do this!

Oh. BTW. Because we are going to play a 30 minute pep rally for them, Universal Studios Orlando granted us all free admission, all day, to both parks. It's the cali trip all over again! Only in florida... with about four times as many people... and I'm getting paid to go.

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